Why Bangalore is a good place for business?

Posted on: 2017-07-24 03:27:10

There are some good reasons as to why investors are so keen on putting their money in Bangalore. This district with a population of 9.6 million people has a glorious history of technological innovations. The city has a fantastic network of support for entrepreneurs, who are willing to become parts of the growth story that is Bangalore. The ecosystem over here is throbbing with life and presents everyone a chance to do well. Bangalore has had a rich history of being a tech capital even long before internet and companies working with such technology came along. It was at the capital city of Karnataka that the first-ever Indian Institute of Science was established more than a century back – in 1909.

Contributions made by Bangalore

Ever since, Bangalore has made sterling contributions in domains such as advanced computing, nuclear technologies, and space. This means that when as an investor you try and set up shop in Bangalore you can be sure that you will have enough local talent willing to work productively to make your dream a reality. As has been said already, there is more-than-enough support for business entrepreneurship in this capital city of Karnataka. There are bodies such as the UK Indian Business Council (UKIBC) that have been pumping in significant amounts of money in the city’s business ecosystem.

Utilization of funds

The money derived from the programme is expected to be used for support services such as the following:

  • mentoring
  • policy insight
  • training
  • expertise in market entry
  • networking events
  • market research

There are certain areas such as Koramangala where the business infrastructure in Bangalore is really strong. Here you will find that the ecosystem for small businesses is really good. Here they can get all the help that they need in order to fulfill their true potential and also gain exposure to markets around the world.

Help coming in from other countries

Countries such as the United Kingdom have been making the most of the potential on offer in the startup scenario in Bangalore. They are associating with the state government of Karnataka to provide funding for new business enterprises by way of the Karnataka Information Technology Venture Capital Fund (KITVEN Fund). Other investors such as incubators, angel investors, and venture capital funds are also coming to the city in droves to partake in the growth of the city’s economy. They are all looking for the best investment opportunities – ones that the city is known to provide.

Networking opportunities

As may be gauged from a business ecosystem as busy as the one in Bangalore there are plenty of networking opportunities to be had. The business culture in this city is also second to none as can be understood from the words of Ian Felton, the Deputy High Commissioner of Great Britain in Bangalore, the city in future is going to be one of the faces of the country. It has a high-tech society that is truly cosmopolitan and has a global outlook to boot.