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COMPANY REGISTRATION is online portal will help you out to start a business by registering it as per your requirement, We specialize in company registration with wide range of business entities like Private limited, One-Person Company (OPC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Sole Proprietorship Compan.


Within any organization, a Company Secretary’s duties include ensuring the integrity of the corporate governance frameworks, being responsible for the efficient administration of a company, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and implementing decisions made by the Board of Directors.


At you can avail a package where all your tax related needs will be sorted out so you can concentrate to grow your Business. We help you get your books of accounts audited by qualified professionals on our panel eligible to provide - Statutory Audit, Tax Audit, Internal Audit and Management Audit.


Will help you out to protect your ideas let it be in the form of a Brand Name, Design, Logo or a New Invention . We have a specialized team of Trademark Agents, Patent Attorneys and Corporate Lawyers to serve you better.


At we also assist to obtain various Tax Registration and also to file the tax returns on time let it be your Value Added Tax, Service Tax, Income Tax, Professional Tax ,FSSAI License, Import Export Code and more.


Our experts will help to prepare IP Violation notice, NRI immigration services and drafting of Legal Documents, Agreements like Vendor Engagement Agreement, Confidentiality and Privacy Agreements with employees and associates.

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About Business Windo is a unique platform which provide opportunities to young & aspiring minds. It offers online consultation, to budding entrepreneurs pan India, in overcoming the initial formalities of starting a business. This is an initiative to utilise the bandwidth of legal and financial fraternity in business, by lending support to the start-ups under one roof. This one-of–its-kind platform, comprises of legal and professional experts who helps these business set ups. is a unique venture with an initiative to serve start-ups and new business set ups and support them with services such as New company incorporation, Tax registration, Filing of various taxes, Secretarial services, Chartered accountant services, Trademarks, Copy right, Patent and many more at affordable charges with better transparency.

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Guideline to Choose the Company Name

Guideline to Choose the Company Name

As far as India is concerned there are certain rules and regulations for choosing the name of a company. They have been mentioned in the draft rules under the Companies Act, 2013. These guidelines are applicable for different kinds of companies in India such as private limited companies, limited companies, and one person companies. The Act states pretty clearly that the name has to be approved so that a new company can be incorporated. Ideally, the name should be a unique one and desirable one.

The proposed name should never be exactly the same as another company

In order to make sure that the name of your company is absolutely unique you need to keep track of a few things.

It should not be the plural version of another company’s name. For example if a company’s name is Vick and you make yours Vicks then it would not be considered sufficiently unique. If you think that you would take another company’s name and tweak its type, spacing, letter case, and punctuation mark, and it would become a unique name you are wrong as well. For example if a company is named Arvind and you name yours ARVIND your name would be rejected for sure. Similarly, if you thought that just joining the words in another company’s name or separating them would be good enough you are wrong yet again. Doing this does not make the name of your company a unique one. This means that the name Bal Ram will not be considered unique enough if a company by the name of Balram exists already.   

You might think that by changing the number or tense of the words in a company’s name would give you a unique name but you are wrong as well. It will not make your company’s name a unique one. You might also be under the impression that by changing the phonetic spelling or by using some other spelling variation of a company’s name you would get a unique name for your company. The result of such an effort would not be considered a unique one too. Similarly, if you willingly misspell the name of a company and think that you have got a new name for your company you are wrong as well.

A lot of people may think that by adding or changing the internet extension they would get a new name for their company. That is a wrong thought as well. Similarly, if you thought that by adding a name or a place name to another company’s name you would get a unique name for your company you are wrong too. You will also not be allowed to translate or use various combinations of words present in another company’s name in order to create a name for your own company.

It should not be undesirable

There are certain conditions in which the proposed name of a company is deemed to be undesirable. If the name violates section 3 of the Emblems Act 1950 it would be regarded as an undesirable name. If the proposed name of your company is in contravention of trademark owned by another company then it would be deemed unacceptable as well. Similarly, if a trademark is subject to an 8 application for the purpose of registration it cannot be violated as well. In this case you would need the permission of the applicant or the owner of said trademark.

Your proposed company name would most definitely be deemed inappropriate if it contained offensive words, ones which can hurt the sentiments of any section of people in the country.  

Some other conditions to be kept in mind

Your name should ideally be consonant with the main object of your business that you have mentioned in your company’s memorandum of association. If your company is in the financial services industry then the name should indicate that as well. If your name indicates your business constitution such a name would not be passed for sure. The words British India should definitely not be there in your company’s name. If your proposed name shows that you are associated in any way with an embassy, a foreign government, or a consulate it would be disallowed as well.

If your name shows any kind of patronage of a national celebrity or someone who occupies an important place in the government then it would not be allowed to stand. Similarly, abbreviated or vague names would not be allowed. If the proposed name of your company is just the same as one that has been dissolved because of liquidation then it would not be allowed as well. In case, the proposed name of your company is the same as one that has been deleted from record books the name would not be allowed too.

If the name of your company is just the same as that of a limited liability partnership then it would be disallowed as well. In case, the name of your company requires to be approved by a regulator such as IRDA, SEBI, RBI, and MCA then you would have to declare that your name is in accordance with the norms set by the regulator in question. This is mostly applicable for companies looking to work in the financial services sector. If you are a private company the word state would not be allowed in your name. Generic names or ones that include names of other countries would not be allowed in India. In certain cases you would need to get approval from the central government to get the name of your company approved.


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Highlights of Indian Union Budget 2018-19

Highlights of Indian Union Budget 2018-19

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2018-19 in Parliament on Thursday. In this budget; they are mainly focused on rural economy and creating opportunity for farmers development, the government is proposed a string of measures for agriculture sector and also announced a new national health insurance scheme where it is said to be the largest progamme in the world funded by the government which will cover 10 crore insurance for poor and marginalized families to 50 crore beneficiaries.

The budget was mostly guided by the mission to strengthen agriculture, rural development, healthcare, education, employment, MSME and infrastructure sectors. As said by the Government, this series of structural reformation will help to drive forward the people and India will be the fastest growing economies country in the world.

Here take an overview of key highlights of Budget 2018-19

  • No changes in personal income tax slabs.
  • Salaried tax-payers to get a standard deduction of Rs. 40,000 in lieu of transport allowance and "other medical expenses".
  • Rs. 2,000-crore fund for development of agri markets.
  • Health and education cess has been increased to 4 per cent
  • All senior citizens will now be able to claim benefit of a deduction of Rs. 50,000 for any medical insurance.
  • For critical illnesses, the deduction has been increased to Rs. 1,00,000
  • Exemption of interest income on deposits with banks and post offices to be increased from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000
  • Free power connections to 4 crore homes under Saubhagya Yojana.
  • Eight crore free gas connections for poor women through Ujjwala Yojana.
  • 5 lakh WiFi hotspots will be setup in rural areas to provide easy internet access
  • Govt. announces Amrut program to focus on water supply to all households in 500 cities
  • Govt. to implement minimum support price for all crops; It is hiked to 1.5 times of production costs.
  • Govt. to contribute 12% of wages of new employees for all sectors.
  • Mobile phones set to be costlier as custom duty increased by 20 per cent
  • New flagship is introduced as National Health Protection Scheme, providing a health insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakh per family per year announced.
  • Railway capital expenditure for 2018-19 set at Rs. 1.48 lakh crore.
  • Disinvestment target for this year set at Rs. 80,000 crore.
  • Automatic revision of emoluments parliamentarians every five years, pegged to inflation.
  • Rs. 5.97 lakh crore allocation for infrastructure
  • 10 prominent sites to be developed as Iconic tourist destinations
  • NITI Aayog to initiate a national programme on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Centers of excellence to be set up on robotics, AI, Internet of things etc
  • 100 percent deduction proposed to companies registered as Farmer Producer Companies with an annual turnover upto Rs. 100 crore on profit derived from such activities, for five years from 2018-19.
  • Proposal to extend reduced rate of 25 percent tax currently available for companies with turnover of less than 50 crore (in Financial Year 2015-16), to companies reporting turnover up to Rs. 250 crore in Financial Year 2016-17, it’s a benefit to micro, small and medium enterprises.
  • MSME enterprises are a major element for growth
  • More concessions for International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), to promote their trade in stock exchanges located in IFSC.
  • To control cash economy, payments exceeding Rs. 10,000 in cash made by trusts and institutions to be disallowed and would be subject to tax.
  • Infrastructure is the growth driver of economy
  • Target 3 lakh crore for lending under PM Mudra Yojana
  • Govt. will setup 2 new Schools of Planning and Architecture

At a glance, this budget for the year 2018-19 is largely focused on upliftment of agriculture sector along with major push to healthcare and education sectors in the country.

To know more details about the budget Click Here for Full Report

Highlights on Zero Government Fees for Company Registration

Highlights on Zero Government Fees for Company Registration

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has changed the company incorporation process form 26th Jan, 2018 on the occasion of 69th Republic Day. This is a new step taken by the government of India to make it easier and faster for getting the company name approval with less data based information.

Accordingly, you will have to reserve your company name through the RUN (Reserve Unique Name) service and don't required DSC and DIN; but thing is that you have to choose only one name, there is no option for others. And for each and every name you have to pay Rs. 1000, it may or may not be approve.

They are thinking it will take less time to incorporate a company in India by this easier process. If your company name is approved, it will be kept for 20 days to incorporate the company within that time you have to register your company otherwise it will be invalid but earlier it was 60 days. But one thing we want to clear here as said by the MCA department; the name applied for company may be approved or rejected according to the guideline, you should follow the unique and not resemblance to any other existed business.  

If once it is rejected, for every fresh name application you should have to pay the fees infavour of new name suggestion.

Free of Cost Service to all Companies

Here we are giving hint what is free?

You will get free of cost charge only in Company Registration that will be apply for every type of company including Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Public Limited Company, One Person Company (OPC) etc.

So now, the government is waived the company registration charge, means you will not pay for any single money in company registration that you had paid some thousands earlier towards to your company incorporation.

Benefits to Startups

  • Simple Process for Name Approval
  • Zero Fees on Company Registration
  • Reserve Company Name Fast
  • Fast Track Process

Cost to Bear for Company Registration

But other cost you have to pay related to your company registration

Though the government has waived the fees for company registration final forms, but still there will be some cost which a person will need to bear which are as follows:

  • Name Approval
  • Director Identification Number for Director (DIN)
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • State Stamp duty which comes around between Rs.200 to Rs.10,000/- (Rs.10,00 stamp duty is for Punjab).
  • Professional fees Comes around Rs.5,999 to Rs.9,999 /- (Depends upon number of members)
  • Stamp paper and miscellaneous cost comes around to Rs.1000 to Rs.2500/- (Depends upon number of members)
  • Authorized capital fess depends on Authorized capital

Let’s be update for new information on company matters.


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