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COMPANY REGISTRATION is online portal will help you out to start a business by registering it as per your requirement, We specialize in company registration with wide range of business entities like Private limited, One-Person Company (OPC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Sole Proprietorship Compan.

Secretarial Services


Within any organization, a Company Secretary’s duties include ensuring the integrity of the corporate governance frameworks, being responsible for the efficient administration of a company, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and implementing decisions made by the Board of Directors.

Accounting & Auditing


At you can avail a package where all your tax related needs will be sorted out so you can concentrate to grow your Business. We help you get your books of accounts audited by qualified professionals on our panel eligible to provide - Statutory Audit, Tax Audit, Internal Audit and Management Audit.

Intellectual Property


Will help you out to protect your ideas let it be in the form of a Brand Name, Design, Logo or a New Invention . We have a specialized team of Trademark Agents, Patent Attorneys and Corporate Lawyers to serve you better.

Tax & Government Registration


At we also assist to obtain various Tax Registration and also to file the tax returns on time let it be your Value Added Tax, Service Tax, Income Tax, Professional Tax ,FSSAI License, Import Export Code and more.

Legal Services


Our experts will help to prepare IP Violation notice, NRI immigration services and drafting of Legal Documents, Agreements like Vendor Engagement Agreement, Confidentiality and Privacy Agreements with employees and associates.

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About Business Windo is a unique platform which provide opportunities to young & aspiring minds. It offers online consultation, to budding entrepreneurs pan India, in overcoming the initial formalities of starting a business. This is an initiative to utilise the bandwidth of legal and financial fraternity in business, by lending support to the start-ups under one roof. This one-of–its-kind platform, comprises of legal and professional experts who helps these business set ups. is a unique venture with an initiative to serve start-ups and new business set ups and support them with services such as New company incorporation, Tax registration, Filing of various taxes, Secretarial services, Chartered accountant services, Trademarks, Copy right, Patent and many more at affordable charges with better transparency.

Unlike other service providers, BusinessWindo provides more than 50 services to its users. In addition, all services are relatively affordable compared to the market and still maintaining the high quality standards.

With a team of young, energetic team it focuses on providing hassle free, transparent online services on at affordable price.


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Handled 1000+ projects and delivered substantial results.

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All-round performance throughout toughest challenges and risks.

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Our esteemed client’s proposition and absorb their valuable inputs.

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Retain customer loyalty by providing consistent efforts and ideas.

Promise best Quality.

Assure complete confidentiality of information shared with us.


Troubleshoot service-based problems & help resolve discrete technical issues.

One of the first reasons for which you should choose is because it is a capable organization in various areas of business such as Company Registration in Bangalore and GST taxation matters. The organization uses qualified professional experts in the domain of company registration to make your company registration process much smoother than before. The company provides you value for money and in this day and age this is one value that is cherished so highly. When you do business with us you can be sure that there would not be any hidden costs whatsoever and your documents would be cent per cent clear as well. This will make sure that you do not face any problem later on.

We have been in the business for a long period of time and as such we have associated with plenty of entities. They have been happy with the services that we have provided to them and this has cemented our position as a market leader in our chosen domains. More than anything else, we are committed to providing you the best service that we can – in terms of commitment and quality. When we are working with you, your problems are our problems and we would always make our best attempt to solve them to your utmost satisfaction.


How to Succeed Your Business During Uncertain Times

How to Succeed Your Business During Uncertain Times

Business firms go through a lot of ups and downs while dealing with volatile market conditions and other technical and strategic challenges within the enterprise. Experiencing uniform growth at all times is not practically possible and for this reason a company should have some workable methods in place that can help them to achieve steady success during the uncertain times.

With the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more important than ever before for companies to work on their strategies to cope up with difficult times. So that they can deal with market competition, make profits and support their working employees.    

Here are seven actionable tips you can adopt in your business process when you are looking to achieve success with your business even with turbulent market conditions. 

Rethink about customer experience

Your customers are the lifeline of your business and hence you should always focus on providing them with the best experience with your brand. However, difficult times need advanced remedial measures and you should rethink your customer experience when you want to obtain optimum returns from them. It is very important that you develop a strong sense of trust on your brand among your consumers so that they are always invested in what you have to offer.

Whether it is getting the customers excited about a specific product, encouraging them to make the purchase and then sharing their thoughts on social media, you should guide them smartly to ensure a positive experience. You should also make use of innovative tools and strategies to perform market research and learn about your target customers. This data can enable you to boost your sales figures. You can also benefit from greater conversion rates in this way. Strategic maneuvering of customer experience can guarantee you their loyalty which is even more important than a single sale.

Embrace digital way

Digital transformation is the way to go when you are looking to improve the operational efficiency of your business on multiple levels. When you replace your old methods of managing company information, sales records and other details, you can improve the efficiency of your business and also make better use of your financial resources.

Digital tools and software systems can enable you to coordinate with your employees in a better way and also maintain accuracy at each and every step. Tasks like handling of projects, doing market research, keeping track of customer information, managing sales records, tracking inventories and planning of resources becomes much simpler when you embrace the digital way.  

Support workforce with agile operation

Your workforce needs to have the strength and flexibility. Aligning your organization with agile workforce delivers better performance under critical conditions. It is important that you have training modules in place to educate your working employees to move quickly and easily when they need to upgrade themselves and learn about latest technological tools and software applications.

Apart from providing them with instructions on advanced technology like cloud computing, IoT, SaaS, machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence, you should also teach your workforce to have a flexible approach in their work so that they can adapt to change quickly.

Change and evolution is a constant thing in the business world and unless they are always prepared to adapt efficiently, it will be difficult for them to improve their professional expertise and help your company to grow and prosper. You should also motivate them with employee rewards programs so that they feel encouraged to improve their performance.   

Improve customer service

Customer service key plays a critical role in handling customer queries, doubts, concerns and worries. In today’s world where a lot of business activities are managed online and customers hardly interact with a human face, it is important for them to have someone whom they can reach out when they want to get their issues sorted out.

It is vitally important that you have a well trained and skilled customer service team that can offer complete support to your customers any time they choose to get in touch with you. A lot depends on your customer support when you are looking to retain your old customers and get new ones. Whether you decide to have an external team of customer service and hire a company to take care of that or have an inside team, getting the best customer support team is vital to your long term success. 

Diversify your products and services

Product or service diversification is one of the key strategies that you will need to work on when you are looking to survive the business competition, especially in troubled times. Yes, it does involve a considerable degree of risk. However, unless you diversify you won’t be able to appeal to a wider segment of consumers. Moreover, the scope of your brand is going to be seriously limited when you have only a few types of products to offer. The same also goes for the services that your brand has to provide.

Communicate clearly

Lack of communication or faulty communication can further complicate an already problematic situation. A clear and concise communication is essential in customer service to build good relationships of business. It is therefore very important that you have all of your team members on board; so that they are fully updated on any company strategy or move. This can help them to contribute in their own ways, so that your company can deal with pressure situations in a better way. It can also make it possible for them to avoid errors of judgment.  

Double down innovation

When things are tough, you should double down innovation and wait for better times to experiment with new ideas. This is because development and innovation requires taking chances. While they always involve some risk, things become even riskier when you have to deal with a critical market condition or a situation where things are already rough. It is necessary that you have maximum resources at hand so that you can deal with any crisis smartly. 

These are the most of the key working methods greatly effective for businesses in crisis. You can implement these techniques when you are looking to achieve success with your business even during uncertain times.

How to Close Private Limited Company in India

How to Close Private Limited Company in India

The process of company closure is also referred to as PVT Ltd company closure or strike off. In India, such work is done as per the rules of the Companies (Removal of Names of Companies) Rules, 2016. It is administered by Section 248 of the Companies Act, 2013. So, if you want to close private limited company in Bangalore, this is what you have to follow. Experts would advise you that if you are not running your company you should simply close it off.

How can you close a private company in India?

The process of closing a private limited company has to be done by filing with the Form STK 2.

Previously, Form FTE was being used for the purpose of company closure. But nowadays, you would have to apply it through STK Form. You also need to pay a government fee for the purpose. At present this fee is 10000 rupees. However, it can always change in the future. This is why it would be better if you could check out the latest figure in that regard.

There are a few steps that have to be filed in this regard:

First of all, you have to pay off all your liabilities that you have in your business.

Once you have paid off your dues, you would have to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from them. However, if you are yet to start your business or operations as such this clause would not be applicable for you.

In the second step, you would need 75 per cent consent. This is one of the new requirements that have come up in this regard. This means that in order to wind up your company, you would need the consent of 75 per cent of the members and shareholders of your company. Furthermore, one director has to come forward and take all the responsibility for the closure of the company.

Once you have gotten the consent, you would have to prepare the application. You would have to file it with ROC (Registrar of Companies). During filing the application, there are some necessary documents have to be submitted along with it, that are mentioned in below. 

When can a company apply for the closure?

Business owners can apply for closing of a company while these issues take place:

You (legal directors) can apply for closure if you have not started doing business within a year of incorporating the company.

In case, if you have not done any business in the past couple of financial years and have also not asked for the status of a dormant company as per Section 455 of the Act, you can apply for closure as well.

What documents are needed for closing a private company?

There are two types of documents that are needed in this case – mandatory and optional. The mandatory documents may be enumerated as below:

  • Indemnity bond that has been notarized by the directors
  • Affidavit in the shape of Form STK 4
  • The latest statement of accounts
  • Consent of 75 per cent of the members or a special resolution from them
  • A statement of accounts that contains information on the liabilities and assets of the company – it should be audited by a chartered accountant

The optional documents are PAN (Permanent Account Number) card of the company as well as certificates of closing the bank account. The companies that offer such services normally need you to provide them in scanned formats.

What is the process for company closure?

There are three kinds of winding up of a company –

  1. Mandatory;
  2. Voluntary; and
  3. Winding up a defunct company;

In mandatory, winding up a company would have to file a petition for closure.

This can also be done by the following:

  • Contributors to your company
  • ROC
  • Trade creditors
  • State or central government

All the documents that you supply with the petition would have to be audited by a chartered accountant, who is practicing presently. The auditor would have to provide an unqualified financial statement.

You would have to advertise the petition for two consecutive weeks. The advertisement needs to be in the regional language of the area where you are doing the business as well as in English. You would have to submit Form 11 in this case. You need to submit some important documents in this case such as fully audited books of your accounts. This has to be done till the date when you are making the application.

If you are looking for voluntary winding up, you would have to pass a board resolution in accordance with the Companies Act 2013. You need to make sure that most directors of your company have agreed to the winding up.

In these cases, you also need a special resolution where 75 per cent of the shareholders have to vote in favour of closing the company. You also need the trade creditors to approve this act of winding up the company.

If your company is defunct or dormant, you would have to follow an advanced process. Here you would have to submit the STK-2 form. This particular form has to be filled up by ROC. The director of the company would also have to approve of the same. However, she or he has to be supported by the board so that she or he can perform such an action.  

Expert help on company closing

There are many companies in Bangalore that can help you in this regard. But BusinessWindo is something different from them. We can audit, draft your documents and get your signature as well. This takes around a week to be completed. After this, we would proceed for the closure. After that we would file for closing the company. The ROC would approve of the same and send a notice to you as well. This would take around 3 months to be accomplished.

In the final stages, the company name would be struck off from the records once there is no objection in a 6 to 8-month period after you have received the ROC notice. 


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How to Get Drug License in Bangalore India

How to Get Drug License in Bangalore India

As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940; if you wish to manufacture or sale Ayurvedic, cosmetic, and allopathic drugs or products you would need a manufacturing or sales license. It is the State Licensing Authority that issues the various licenses in this regard and monitors them as well.

To get drug license in Bangalore for retail or wholesale, the applicant/ entity has to apply with the specific authority along with proper documentation and process ensure to obtain the license certificate.

The most prominent ones among these are Drugs Sales License and Drugs Manufacturing License for Ayurvedic, Allopathic and Cosmetics. These offices also perform a number of other functions such as inspecting the sales premises and the drug manufacturing units on a regular basis. They also implement the Food & Drug Act in order to make sure that there is no malpractice in this regard.

It obviously goes without saying that the biggest part of this work has to be done by these offices which issue the manufacturers’ licenses as per the provisions of the Drugs Act.

What other licenses does the state authority issue?

Karnataka State Licensing Authority that also issues the manufacturing licenses for the following entities:

  • Blood banks
  • Blood components
  • Blood products
  • Large volume parenterals
  • Large volume sera
  • Vaccines

However, in these cases the approval of the Central Licensing Authority is necessary as well. In this case we are referring to the Drugs Controller General India, whose headquartered is situated at New Delhi.

In such cases the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization and the State Drug Control carry out joint inspection of the premises where the manufacturing work will be done.

Licenses need to acquire for pharmaceutical products in Indian market

The Drug and Cosmetic Act makes it mandatory for you to receive a number of licenses so that you are able to manufacture Ayurvedic, Allopathic and Cosmetic products in India. They tend to vary.

However, a brief idea in this case can be had as well. License on Form 32 is issued for manufacturing, selling, and distributing cosmetic products. For this you would have to sign Form 31. When you get License on Form 32A you can take loans for making, selling, and distributing cosmetic products.

If you wish to start a lab where the manufacturers of cosmetics and drugs can get their raw materials and final products tested before selling and distributing them you would need the License on Form 37.

For this you would have to fill up and submit Form 36. In fact, this same process needs to be followed in order to renew this approval.

What are the requirements in these cases?

As you would know already, you would receive your drug manufacturing license from the state licensing authority. As a maker you would need to make sure your production is being overseen and done by technical staff members who are qualified to do such work in the first place. It is very important that at least one of your technical staff members has the following qualifications:

  • Diploma in pharmacy that has been approved by the Pharmacy Council of India as per the Pharmacy Act, 1948; or
  • She or he should have passed the intermediate examination with chemistry being one of the subjects or any other examination that is deemed to be an equal of the same by the licensing authority; or
  • He/ she has to be registered under the Pharmacy Act, 1948

What are the documents required for drug license?

If you want a cosmetic license that allows you to make and sell such products in India you would need to produce the following documents:

  • Application forms
  • A certified copy of the proof of constitution in your form
  • Challan of fee deposited
  • Affidavit of non-conviction of proprietor, partners, or directors of the company as per the Drug Act 1940
  • Declaration form
  • Certified copy of Registration Certificate of the local pharmacy council or Experience Certificate of the Registered Pharmacist or competent person along with qualification certificates
  • Blueprint of key plan
  • Bio-data form
  • Blueprint of site plan
  • Affidavit of registered pharmacist or competent person with respect to fulltime working of the firm – this should be attested duly by a notary
  • Basis of possession of premises
  • Appointment letter of registered pharmacist or competent person in charge if in case she or he is employed by the firm
  • Proof of ownership of premises if it not rented

Drug license application process

Here’s the steps need to be followed to get the drug license:

  1. Preparation of documentation
  2. Submission of application
  3. Inspector visiting the premises
  4. Scrutiny and inspection
  5. Issue or grant of license

In order to get the approval of drug license from the regulatory bodies it is rather important to follow what constitutes good manufacturing processes. Depending on the kind of products that you wish to manufacture or sale – such as drugs, cosmetics, and herbal products – you would have to file a separate application form with the issuing authority. You also need to file the application in its prescribed format.

After this a Senior Inspector, under instructions from the State Licensing Authority, would visit your business premises and submit a report on the basis of what she or he has seen.

After this the report would be received by the higher authorities and they would scrutinize the same. It is on the basis of this scrutiny that your application would either be accepted or rejected.

If your application is accepted, then you’ll get a license certificate. Else you’ve to neatly follow the mentioned rules and regulations of drug license process advised by the authorities.

Once you get the drug license, you can apply for more items to be endorsed in your license. A similar process would be followed in that case as well. If you wish to get approval as a testing laboratory where the manufacturers would carry out their analyses and tests you would be subjected to a joint inspection by drug inspectors from both the state and the central bodies.

As may be expected in a process that is as detailed as these you would have to fill up a number of forms and submit them in order to get the license.

How our experts can help you in this regard?

These days, you can find there are number of companies in such regards, but BusinessWindo is different from them. We have people who are skilled and trained in doing such work in the first place. And our professionals are also highly experienced in this regard – today we have been here as we’ve done that a number of occasions and you can be sure that we would be able to help you fulfill your dream of obtaining drug license in India as well.


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