How to Obtain FSSAI License in Bangalore?

Posted on: 2018-06-21 03:08:04

The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) registration license is an initiative of the Indian Government. The main aim behind this plan is to make sure that there was no compromise on the quality of the food product. That means it should not adulterated in any way whatsoever. Now, the quality of the product is lot better as compared to what it was earlier. And to make sure that the manufacturers were accountable at all times.

Recently, the FSSAI has launched a new, upgraded, cloud based; user-friendly Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) for food operators to strengthening the effectiveness of India’s eating right movement. The purpose of this initiative is to eat the healthy and right food.

Each and every food business in India needs to acquire this FSSAI license from the respective authority body in order to perform its business. It is obligatory for all manufacturing units as well as distribution units.

So to get the FSSAI registration, the food operators can directly go to the nearest Common Services Center (CSC) for filing the application online or can a find good agency at your location that help you in this regards.

In this article, we discuss the following topics about FSSAI:

  1. Introduction to FSSAI registration & license
  2. Types of FSSAI registration in India
  3. Why does a food operator need a license?
  4. Who needs the food license certificate?
  5. Penalties for violating FSSAI rules
  6. Validity and renewal of certificate
  7. Getting FSSAI registration in Bangalore
  8. Things to keep in mind by food operators
  9. How to apply for FSSAI registration license? (4 simple steps for FSSAI registration)
  10. Documents required for obtaining Basic, State and Central license certificate
  11. Government registration fee for these 3 licenses
  12. How to check FSSAI application status?

Introduction to FSSAI Registration License

All the restaurants, and even street food vendors, need approval from FSSAI to do their business. It does not matter how much they earn in a year – they have to have this license. Operators in the food business of India need to apply for this irrespective of the scale that they are operating at.

Normally this license provides you a 14 digit license or registration number. You can print this numeric license number and use the FSSAI logo on the package of your products to promote the business.

Types of FSSAI License

The FSSAI registration license is classified into 3 types. We can say that there are three categories of food license in India such as

  1. Basic registration license (Petty Food Business Operators)
  2. State registration license
  3. Central registration license.

Basic Registration: You can apply for the basic license if your turnover is lower than INR 12 lakh.

State Registration: If your turnover is between INR 12 lakh and INR 20 crore you can apply for a state license.

Central Registration: If your turnover exceeds INR 20 crore you should apply for a central license.

And the business operators can choose the food license based on their root. Apart from this, a normal food business operator must require the basic food license. If your products are superior quality to others, safety and healthy, no adulteration, value for money, more demanding and you want to expand the business then you can go for state or central license.

Why does a Food Business Operator Need a License?

There are several reasons as to why FBOs (food business operators) such as you need to apply for this license apart from the fact that it is mandatory. But here we have just mentioned only 5 points.

  1. You need to make sure that your consumers do not fall ill or their safety is not compromised in any way after consuming your product.
  2. The license happens to be a great tool of marketing and this is one reason why it can boost your business to such an extent. The license is necessary to make sure that you are able to provide the finest quality of food to the people.
  3. This license also helps you stay at par with the statutory requirement of the government as well. This is recognition from the union ministry of health and family welfare assures the common consumers that you are providing the finest quality of food to your consumers.
  4. The FSSAI license can help you expand your business quite easily as well. With the help of this license you would also find it easier to raise money from financial institutions such as banks and expand your business.
  5. You can use the logo on pamphlets and menu cards as well and it would be a sign of the fact that the food you are selling is superior to others in terms of quality.

Who Needs this Food License Registration?

As it is stated by the laws in India, the food operators who are engaging in food businesses such as food preparation, packaging, storing and selling the products, they have to acquire a relevant FSSAI registration license from the authority. So each and every FBO has to apply for this license and procure it.

A food business is basically one that takes part in making, storing, packing, and distributing food. It could also be one that imports or exports food, and processes food.

The following kinds of entities are regarded as FBOs and they must needs FSSAI authorization:

  • Restaurants, boarding houses, and clubs that serve food
  • Canteens of schools, offices, colleges, and various other institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Catering services
  • Homemade food businesses like chocolates, jams, and pickles to name a few
  • Bakery
  • Food trucks
  • Sweet shops
  • Food technology service providers
  • Cafes
  • Banquet halls that have arrangement for food catering
  • Food vendors such as dabbawallas

As far as FBOs are concerned there are a wide range of rules and regulations that it has to follow in order to get this license just so that you are able to sell their products and services in the market.

Documents Required for New Registration and License

FoSCoS (Food Safety Compliance System) is a conceptualized integrated platform, made easy and minimize the documentation for applying new registration and license.

 To get FSSAI registration certificate, the applicant has to upload only 3 documents such as:

  1. Photograph of Petty Business Operator
  2. Photo ID such as AADHAAR, PAN, Voter ID, etc.
  3. Business activity address proof required [if the address is different from the address of mentioned Photo ID card

To get FSSAI license certificate, the applicant has to upload the specific documents based on its business nature which has already mentioned in FSSAI portal i.e. businesswise documents required for license go through this.

Penalties and Offences as Per FSSAI Rules

If you do not have an FSSAI license you could be imprisoned for as long as 6 months and you may have to pay fines that are as high as INR 5 lakh. If you have issues with the quality of your food you may have to pay a fine of INR 5 lakh.

The penalty is the same in case of subpar food. In case someone dies by eating your food you would have to pay at least INR 5 lakh. In case someone is injured seriously you may have to pay a maximum fine of INR 3 lakh. The figure is same in case of other injuries as well.

Renewal and Validity of FSSAI License

The license has to be taken for a period of at least a year. At the most it can be availed for 5 years.

As an FBO you can apply for a license on the basis of the demand and supply of the product in question. As far as small vendors and startups are concerned it is better to have at least a basic license. When the business expands you can go for a central or state license as well.

If you want to renew it you should apply for the same at least 30 days before the validity period expires. If you fail to appeal within this period you may have to pay fines as well. This is the reason why you should apply for the same within the prescribed time.     

Getting the FSSAI license/ Registration in Bangalore

You can forward your online application for the FSSAI license to the following address in Bangalore:

Food Safety Commissioner for Karnataka,

Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare Services,

Health & Family Welfare Services,

Public Health Institute,

Sheshadri Road, Bangalore – 560001

You can also call 9069142028 for help in this regard. In fact, as far as getting this license is concerned you can seek help from registration agents working in the Garden City. They happen to be licensed by the authority body itself and would thus help you to get this job completed with ease.

These agents employ experts with regards to the kind of food license that would be just what the doctor ordered for you. However, it is always better to keep checking the internet and getting touch with the authorities in order to get the latest information in this regard.

In this regard, we can help you to get your FSSAI registration done in Bangalore or any other cities in India; as we are a leading company registration consultant in Bangalore provides valued services to our clients. So we give value to your business and always happy to serve you.

Food Operators Need to Keep in Mind the Essential Things on Food License:

  • Every food business operator must be licensed/ registered
  • If FBO is operating in more than one state, one additional Central License for Head/ Registered Office is required.
  • Importer to take one single Central License at their IE Code address
  • One premise with multiple kinds of business is eligible for one license/ registration only
  • Every food business operator must comply with the conditions of license/ registration

How to Apply for FSSAI Registration License in Bangalore Karnataka

To apply for FSSAI registration (food business license), the applicant has to follow the major 4 steps:

  1. Sign Up/ Register in FSSIA Portal
  2. File FSSAI Application Online / Apply Online by filling form
  3. Make Payment Online
  4. Get Certificate

FSSAI provides opportunity for Food Business Operators (FBOs) to apply for online FSSAI registration all over in India to get the registration or license certificate.

The process of application for FSSAI license and registration in Bangalore, Karnataka covers under the rules and regulations of FSSAI and getting license for FBO happens according to their business eligibility whether they are eligible for only Registration or State License or Central License as per their capacity/ turnover.

The food business operators like manufacturers, storage, importers, wholesaler, retailer, distributor, supplier, caterer, hotel, restaurant, transporter and marketer are need to acquire their license based on their annual turnover/ production or storage capacity.

Here are the 4 steps for FSSAI registration which help you to know and understand the documentations, fee structures and process of FSSAI license.

Before filing the application form, you need to read the fee structure/ payment mode and supporting documents list from the below section which is must required for application.

Here the steps are taken to make an application for FSSAI registration:

Step 1: In first step, you have to check your business on FSSAI portal which falls on what type of license category based on your eligibility of FBO (Food Business Operator). Accordingly, you will have to go for that registration in Step 3.

You can register your food business for Simple Registration/ State License/ Central License as per the category of your business under the FSSAI Law by choosing the correct one option from the portal.

  • If your food business comes under small category, turnover within Rs. 12 lakhs then you are eligible for Basic License Registration.
  • If your food business comes under medium category, turnovers between Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs. 20 crore; then you are eligible for State License Registration.
  • If your food business comes under large category, turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crore then you are eligible for Central License Registration.

For each (Basic, State and Central) license, the applicant/ FBO has to SIGN UP and create new Username and Password for the application process which has mentioned in step 2.

Note: It is important that the applicant/ FBO must have a valid and active Email ID and Mobile Number, because the login details shall be generated automatically by the system and mailed/ SMS you same accordingly.

Step 2: In second step, Sign Up your FBO by clicking on “Sign Up”; fill the field online, create your Username and Password and click on “Register” button to complete the FBO sign-up process successful. A confirmation mail will be sent to your E-mail and Mobile Number for verification and future purpose.

Step 3: In third step, you will be logon to Existing Users Login, choose your own business type in FLRS (Food Licensing & Registration System) and fill the application form with all field and attach the necessary documents then submit it.

For Simple Registration: Form-A FSSAI application is required to file by the FBO for Basic Registration/ Renewal of Registration under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

FORM-A FSSAI registration application needs to be filled by the applicant with affixing photograph and signature and submit this along with the supportive documents. It is a must required document which helps to get FSSAI basic license.

For State and Central Registration: FORM-B FSSAI Registration application form is required to file by FBO/ applicant for State and Central License. Fill the application Form-B and certify the applicant signature and submit it. Form-B FSSAI license is a mandatory document which needed to filing for acquiring state or central license.

After submission of application online, the applicant/ FBOs should take a print out of that Online Application Form which is generated through the system and submit the same physical application to Regional Authority/ State Authority with all supportive documents within the 15 days from the date of online application.

Step 4: In fourth step, the FBO/ applicant can apply for Modification, Renewal and Duplicate License Certificate through FLRS.

In case of Form-B, it should be properly signed and completed in the duplicate form; this can be done by the authorized signatory, partner, or proprietor of the company. As far as the blueprint or layout plan of the processing unit is concerned, it should show the dimensions of the same in meters or square meters; it should also show allocation of area with respect to operations. This is however mandatory only for the processing and manufacturing units.

With respect to the list of directors, partners, proprietors, or executive members of the trust or society it should contain their complete address and contact details – this however is mandatory only for the companies. In case of the lists and names of machines and equipments being used they should have the numbers, horse power used, and installed capacity. This is however mandatory only for the processing and manufacturing units.

With regards to the address proofs and photo IDs of proprietors, partners, directors, or authorized signatory the documents furnished should have been issued by the government.

The list of food categories that the company wishes to make is applicable in case of only the manufacturers. As far as the authority letter with address and name of responsible persons who have been chosen by the manufacturer is concerned an alternative responsible person should be mentioned as well; the powers provided to them should be indicated as well with respect to helping officers during inspections, picking, collecting samples, and dispatching. This is mandatory only for the manufacturers and processors.

The bacteriological and chemical analysis report of water that would be used in order to make the food should be from a familiar or public health laboratory; it should confirm that the water is portable; this is obligatory only for the processing and manufacturing units. In case of the proof of possession of company premises one can furnish the sale deed, electricity bill, and rent agreement; this is optional though. The Coop Act certificates are only supposed to be provided by the cooperatives. The no objection certificate (NOC) and copy of license from manufacturers’ only needs to be provided by repackers and relabellers.

Documents Required for Basic Registration Certificate

  • Photo of food business operator
  • Identity proof like Aadhaar Card/ PAN/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Ration Card
  • NOC by Municipality/ Panchayat, Health NOC
  • Declaration certificate to be uploading.

Fees for Basic Registration/ License Certificate as per FSSAI

Basic License Fee Structure

For new registration certificate

INR 100/Year

For renewal of registration certificate

INR 100/Year

For duplicate of registration certificate

10% of the applicable certificate fee

List of Necessary Documents Required for State License

There are a host of documents that you need to provide in order to get a state license from the FSSAI. They may be enumerated as below:

  • Form-B
  • No objection certificate (NOC) and copy of license from manufacturers
  • Blueprint or layout plan of the processing unit 
  • Food safety management certificate or plan
  • List of directors, partners, proprietors, or executive members of the trust or society
  • Procurement plan for milk and source of milk
  • Lists and names of machines and equipments being used
  • Source of raw material in case of meat and meat processing units/plants.
  • Address proof and photo ID of proprietors, partners, directors, or authorized signatory 
  • Pesticide residues report of water
  • List of food categories that the company wishes to make
  • Recall plan as and where may be applicable
  • Authority letter with address and name of responsible persons who have been chosen by the manufacturer
  • NOCs from local administrative bodies such as municipalities
  • Bacteriological and chemical analysis report of water that would be used in order to make the food
  • Form IX
  • Proof of possession of company premises
  • Certificate provided by the ministry of tourism – HRACC (Hotel and Restaurant Approval and Classification Committee (India))
  • Affidavit of  proprietorship or partnership deed, or memorandum and articles of association     
  • Self declaration of number of vehicles or documentary proof that supports turnover stats – this is applicable only for transporters
  • Copy of certificate that has been procured as per the Coop Act – 1861 or Multi State Coop Act – 2002
  • Declaration form – this is applicable only in case of Himachal Pradesh and Delhi

Fee structure for State License/ Certificate

License for Manufacturer/ Miller

Fees Per Year

For New License


Hotels up to 4 Star

Rs. 5000

Above 1 MT production per day

Rs. 5000

10,001  50,000 LPD of milk/ 501 MT  2500 MT of solid milk items producing annually

Having less than 1 MT productions in a day

Rs. 3000

From 501 MT to 10,000 LPD of milk/ 2.5 MT to 500 MT of solid milk production per annum

Every Food Sources counts as Restaurants/ Dhabba/ Clubs/ Boarding Houses/ Canteens (in Schools, Colleges, Offices, Institutions)/ Caterers/ Banquet Halls having food catering arrangements/ Food Hawkers/ Dabbawallas & other food business operators.

Rs. 2000

For Renewal of License

Depends on number of years selected.

For Modification of License

Fees for modification of license for 1 year will be charged same during modification.

For Duplicate of License

10% of license fees is applicable

Documents required for Konkan/ Indian Railway License

The above mentioned document list for state license is necessary for getting Konkan/ Indian Railway license. So you need to prepare the essential papers at the time of application.

List of Documents is Necessary for Getting a Central License

To obtain a central license for your food business in any part of India; obviously, it is essential to prepare huge documents for it.

Include the below documents along with above mentioned document list for state license:

  • Certificate from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce for 100% export oriented unit (EOU).
  • Supporting document to show the proof of annual turnover.
  • NOC/ PA document issued by FSSAI department.
  • Import Export (IE) Code certificate issued by DGFT.

Fee Structure for Central and Konkan/ Indian Railway License

Registration Type

Central License Fee (1 Year)

Indian Railway License Fee (1 Year)

For New Application

Rs. 7500

Rs. 2000

For Renewal of Application

Rs. 7500

Rs. 2000

For Modification of License

Rs. 7500

Rs. 2000

For Duplicate License/ Certificate

10% of License Fee is Applicable

10% of License Fee is Applicable


The food operator can make the payment by any one of these methods – demand draft, treasury challan, or Syndicate Bank treasury challan.

This can be done in case of the Registration Certificate and the State License. In case of a new license if your daily production is around 1 MT (metric ton) you would have to pay of INR 5000 for each year. The same is also applicable in case you produce between 10,001 and 50,000 LPD of milk or between 501 and 2500 MT of milk solids in a year.

However, if your food production is lower than 1 MT in a year you would have to pay a yearly fee of INR 3000.

This is also applicable if you produce between 501 and 10,000 LPD milk in a year or if, your annual milk solids production is between 2.5 MT and 500 MT. If, you are owned a 4 star hotel or lower you would have to pay a yearly fee of INR 5000.

Mode of payment

There are two major modes in this case – (1) Bank Challan and (2) Treasury Challan.

In case you want to opt for the bank challan mode you can opt for a challan from the Syndicate Bank. If you are looking for a treasury challan following are the details that you need to keep in mind:

  • Major head – 0210
  • Minor head – 04
  • Sub head – 104

How to Track FSSAI Application Status?

Here you can able to check the status of your FSSAI application through these 2 simple steps:

1. Visit to this page; you will see a page having the top heading "FLRS to FoSCoS", just below "CLICK HERE FOR FoSCoS" is there.  Click on it and you'll be directed to FoSCoS - FSSAI page. Opening this, you can look at first “Track Application” option as mentioned in below screenshot.

Track FSSAI Status

2. Enter the Application Reference Number, Captcha Code for verification and click on “Submit” button. Then it will display your FBOID, Application Reference No, Name of the Company, Date of Application, and Address of the Company, State, Type of Application, and Status of Application as shown in below screenshot.

FSSAI Application Status

Note: If your application is under verification, it will show "Stage 1: Processing to be initiated" on your Status of Application section.

Final Thoughts:

Some businesses are efficient and productive; preparing good food for their happy customers and owned trust from them as went on through proper legalization. As you are building out your business, think about the product quality, create a brand and take protection need for it.  By registering your business name with specific regulatory will be the right legal steps to enforce the business.


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