20 Best Small Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment

Posted on: 2017-10-11 00:18:44

One of the various small businesses that you can start with very little investment is a personalized and customized gift store. In fact, this is a hot business idea right now considering how people want to buy such presents for their near and dear ones as well as others that matter in their lives. If you are thinking to start a choicable business, here you can look over some small business ideas can turn your mind to put a thumb for new initiative.

Gym or fitness centre

You can easily start a gym or fitness centre considering how conscious people are these days about fitness. Almost everyone you see out there wants to be fit. So, in case you had some room you could easily start a fitness centre or gym over there and earn good money in the process.

Event management

You could easily start a small event management company that would organize different kinds of events. More than money what you need over here is sufficient manpower and significant amount of expertise in the industry.

Interior designer

These days everyone wishes his home to be decorated by an interior designer or decorator. So, you could easily start that business. However, you need to be trained and certified in order to enjoy a successful career here.

Small grocery shop

Yet another good small business idea with little investment is a grocery store. Here you do not need any special skill as such and you can go on expanding even as you go.

Ice cream parlour

If you have little money then you can do worse than start an ice cream parlour.

Photocopies and book binding

There are plenty of school and college areas that may not have this facility. You can easily fill this gap in those areas and it does have the potential to help you earn.

Mobile food shop

This is the mobile generation. So, it might make sense for you to start a mobile food service such as a food truck.

Making jewellery

The price of gold is always increasing and there is great demand for golden jewellery as well. This is why you can undertake a course in this regard and start a small business that could one day grow into something so much bigger.

Insurance consultant

It is also a good business idea to start a small insurance company of your own or even become the agent of an established insurer.


If you are good at what you do and have sufficient experience and repute in the industry where you work at present you can always consider working as a freelancer.

Book store

You can always count on book lovers to buy several books at once and this is why the idea of starting a book store happens to be such an attractive one.

Catering service

These days, people always look for good catering service for special occasions such as parties and marriage ceremonies. So, if you are skilled in this area then it is one business that you should definitely try.

Computer trainer

If you are capable of providing computer training then this is one business that you would enjoy. In any case, in the modern world it is important to know computers.

Yoga centre

These days life is rather stressful and a lot of people like to practice yoga to stay fit and de-stress. So, in case you are trained in that regard you can jolly well start a new business.

Baby sitting services

This business idea is meant primarily for women who wish to do some home based work instead of moving outdoors for work. You will find a lot of working couples who would be more than willing to avail your services.

Real estate consultant

Real estate is one business that is always growing and as such you can always start a consultancy in this particular industry. You can guide people how to sell, buy, and rent property.


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